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Politicians Hide Behind Civilians

Tag der Verfassung vom 03. Mai, Sanok Date: 3 May 2019, 12:44:14 Source: Own work Author: Silar

The United States plans to transfer the command of the 5th Corps of the U.S. Army from Kentucky to Poland and 30 American F-16 fighters from Germany to the eastern borders of NATO. In addition, the United States is redeploying to Poland not one thousand, as mentioned earlier, but two thousand American troops.

In addition to these measures, the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in Poland has been publicly discussed for several weeks. The idea of transferring American nuclear warheads from Germany is being promoted by the U.S. ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher.

In Polish society this initiative was perceived ambiguously, but the Polish authorities are glad to any increase in the military presence of NATO and the United States on its territory.

The deployment of NATO military infrastructure is also ongoing in the Baltic countries. Despite the pandemic and crisis, Lithuania this year plans to complete the modernization of military training grounds in Pabrade, Gaižiūnai, Kairai and Kazlu-Ruda. The landfill site in Pabrade, for example, will be doubled.

The expansion of military facilities is also taking place in Latvia. “American tanks and other armored vehicles have little space on Lithuanian training grounds. Therefore, most likely, the tank and motorized infantry units of the U.S. Army will not be deployed in Lithuania, but it can be deployed on the Adazi training ground in neighboring Latvia,” said the former commander of the Lithuanian army Major General Jonas-Vytautas Zhukas.

Also, contrary to the COVID-19 crisis, NATO under the leadership of the United States, is conducting all the previously planned exercises in the Baltic States. The region, as before, is filled with weapons and soldiers ready to fulfill any order that comes from overseas.

However, from a military point of view, there is no benefit from an increase in U.S. forces in Poland.

All troops stationed on the territory of Poland and the Baltic countries are located in the zone of direct destruction of the Russian army’s fire weapons. And in the event of aggression against the Russian Federation, these areas and all the forces and equipment deployed in these countries will be under attack.

However, these common truths are not achievable for the minds of the leaders of Lithuania and Poland. Not so long ago the leadership of Vilnius and Warsaw also tried to convince Germany of the benefits of deploying medium-range and cruise missiles, announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on July 20 after an online meeting of the Alliance’s defense ministers.

However, nobody openly says that this entire nuclear missile arsenal, which will subsequently be deployed in Europe, will be controlled from the United States. The red button will be located not in Europe, but overseas. That is, those countries in which the missiles appear will not ask if they want to fight or not – they will simply be forced to.

All this once again testifies to the fact that politicians do not think about the fate of the citizens who restored peaceful life on these lands less than a century ago. The past war brought pain and loss to every family in Europe, and today no one wants to see their house destroyed.

But in the event of any military conflict between Russia and the United States unleashed by politicians, it is primarily the civilian population of all of Europe that will suffer.

Var God

Var is an author for Citizen Truth.

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