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R.I.P. Iran Nuclear Deal – Resistance Podcast

Iran Nuclear deal
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On this episode of KVoice of Resistance we muse over impending nuclear war as our President violated the Iran Nuclear Deal. AFSCME 3299 has been on strike. The American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees 3299, the UC’s largest employee union, voted to enact a system-wide strike after workers responded to UC’s failure to meet demands and acceptable patient care for employees.

A new survey released by the American Psychiatric Association says we are stressed and getting more so. We discuss how peasants got more vacation days than we do.

Devin Nunes who easily won his last two elections but now that he has chosen to self immolate on a pyre of sycophancy, all for the idiot king who will show no such devotion in return, is struggling in his reelection bid.

We notice that the climate change part of the EPA’s website is still down. Sadly, we take a glimpse at what Congress is up to.

Finally, a whole slew of good news stories as to not feel hopeless. #resist

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