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The Resistance Takes a Stand in Charlottesville


Resistance Charlottesville

Listen⇒KVoice of Resistance 8/15/2017

White supremacists have taken another life, as they have done since the founding of this country. The Resistance will not let this go and will not rest in the face of the mainstreaming of Nazi ideology. We discuss the weekend that was. We explore what the Confederate flag these racists like to cuddle with at night is all about.  We tell you why the United States is not a democracy and how to fix it.  We discuss fossil fuel suck up Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, who has moved to poison our water. Ryan Zinke, head of the Dept of the Interior, is up to no good as well. Finally, a rundown of some of the important news you may have missed amidst the chaos of last week’s headlines.   Donald Trump and his Neo-Nazi minions are the past, we are the future and they will regret the day they challenged our numbers, our power and our Resistance. #resist   

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