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The Resistance VS Hurricane Trump


Hurricane Trump

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Hurricane Donald continues to leave devastation and wreckage in his wake, and so too does Tropical Storm Harvey. In this episode we have a talk tough about what Texas has done to make this devastating situation worse. We discuss why it is important to seize on this moment and politicize it proudly despite admonishments from the reactive right. The One Thousand Ministers March took on DC. Mexico helps out Texas because… that’s what good neighbors do. The ACLU is suing the Demander in Tweet over his Trans Military Ban. The National Parks Service has already started to go in decline. Rupert Murdoch is pointing out that Trump has mob ties. Mad Dog Mattis is pissed. Sebastian Gorka’s neo-Nazi wife is up to neo-Nazi things in our neo-Nazi government. The Resistance scored one against Sessions and his DOJ. Neal Gorsuch is ethically questionable. Finally, a quick comment about Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, and why Chris Matthews from Hardball needs to shove it.. #RESIST

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