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On this episode of your Resistance podcast: if you are concerned about climate change, you will want to hear the news out of New York City. We shine a light on the Sleeping Giants’ twitter account. In a move the administration and Donald Trump call “innovations” that “build on human dignity”, they are giving a green light for red states to strip people of Medicare. There is news out of Nebraska as they take a stand against one of the administration’s new policies. If you care about DACA or CHIP you will want to listen to recent developments. Finally, with voting rights under seige we discuss how the future of our democracy rest in the hands of the courts. #resist

If we — the millions of Americans who believe in common decency, in the greater good, in justice for all — if we fall into the trap by separating ourselves by our causes and our labels, then we will weaken our fight and we will lose. But if we commit to what aligns us, if we stand together steadfast and determined, then we stand a chance of saving the soul of our country.” – America Ferrera

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