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Resisting the Downfall of Our Nation – Resistance Podcast

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Resistance Podcast


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Check out this episode of your Resistance Podcast where we resist the downfall of our nation. We discuss the profound idiot that is the Stepford scout leader, Jared Kushner, and the tale of how he tried to get Planned Parenthood to stop doing that whole abortion thing. We had a win in the courts on Tuesday for voting rights. And then, holy corruption batman! Where do we start? This episode we start with Scott Pruitt. If you like animals and are worried about endangered species you don’t want to hear about Susan Combs’ appointment overseeing wildlife. She just hates it when those endangered species gets in the way of her oil. The White House is about to remove about 300 species from the threatened species list. We tell you how. We go over the environmental wins in the Omnibus spending bill. Finally, we have two calls to action. Call to oppose the appointment of Coal lobbyist, Andrew Wheeler, to the number two spot at the EPA. Secondly, call to urge state legislators to enact legislation to prevent police violence. #resist

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