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Ep. 82 The Left is on its way to taking the country back! Victims are taking those who would victimize down! Women are taking their power, and the Right is doing it’s best to take the wrong side of everything. Things are looking right on track for a good Democratic showing in 2018. Republican candidate from Alabama, Roy Moore, is a vile animal. Meanwhile the Right Wing media machine is defending the child molester Moore. We discuss Will Wehrum, who will head the EPA’s Air and Radiation Office, as well as Kathleen Hartnett White (you’re not going to want to miss this gem). We wonder if Donald Trump hires from a clan of prehistoric men for all his government positions. We have a call to action to try to stop the anti LGBTQ Jeff Mateer from securing a lifetime judgeship on the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Joe Kennedy III and 800,000 DACA recipients have a call to action for us (which we will do just to piss off Tucker Carlson). That call is to push our representatives to pass a clean Dream Act by Christmas. Finally, The Resistance is in it for the long haul so remember to celebrate the wins and take the losses in stride as there will be many of both. #Resist.

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