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Hulu Renews Sarah Silverman’s Political “I Love You America” Series

In case you missed it the first time around, the streaming service Hulu is renewing Sarah Silverman’s topical series “I Love You America” for a second season. The show centers on the comedian traveling around the country and speaking to different people, hoping to bridge the gap in times of political divisiveness.

Featuring Silverman’s trademark absurd humor in monologues, studio bits and field segments, the half-hour show first premiered in October of last year on Hulu, concluding by December.


As its log line stated, “I Love You, America” aims to “venture out of our echo chambers and connect unlike-minded people. The show reunites ourselves with compassion and empathy without missing a comedic beat.”

“It’s so aggressively silly and dumb but then also very heady. I think it’ll be smart but served in a big, bready sandwich of silly,” said Silverman as she assured viewers that the show would be equal parts entertaining as well as eye-opening.

“I’d say that the show is less about the politics of each day and more of this moment in time. It’s political just by virtue of being made in this moment in history. There isn’t anything that’s not political that’s being made right now, whether they know it or not,” Silverman responded when asked about the political tone of the show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Season 2 aims to be even more political, considering its timing will coincide with the midterm elections. The new season will return on September 6 and comprise of 11 episodes.

The show is produced by Funny or Die, and is the first variety talk show for Hulu. Executive producers include Silverman, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Amy Zvi, Joe Farrell and Gavin Purcell, who also serves as showrunner. Guests on the first season included former Minnesota senator Al Franken, American writer Roxane Gay and comedian Patton Oswalt, among others.

Regarding the renewal, Silverman confided, “I am fundamentally changed with each episode, each interview, each encounter. By the end of this I will likely be a butterfly. Or a really colorful moth.”


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