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State Of our Union
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Welcome to the Resistance!  We check in before Donald’s State of the Union address.  What is the state of our union?  We hear from the celebrities who held the People’s State of the Union Rally in NYC.  Ryan Zinke, our Secretary of the Interior, is up to no good, and we may be saying goodbye to our public lands.  If you care about animal rights you will care that our government may be about to start slaughtering wild horses. Donald made a new appointment to our Government.  The Senate will be confirming a new no good very bad judge named David Stras.  We have good news for women and bad news for those who wish to take away their rights over their own bodies.  New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is tackling Twitter bots.  We talk Money!  How bad is it really?  Finally, ICE is targeting immigration activists but a judge has something wonderful and inspiring to say about it. #resist  

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