In a matter of days, the Strike Against Kavanaugh movement has sprung up at law schools across the country.

A movement has sprung up at law schools across the country to protest the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and demand Congress begin impeachment proceedings.

The movement called “Strike Against Kavanaugh” began at 2:15 EST 0n Wednesday, October 10 and runs through Friday, October 12.

A letter on the movement’s website says Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court has put the country in the middle of a “national emergency.”

“We cannot accept a system that empowers a man who repeatedly lied under oath and a judiciary review process that only performs a sham of an investigation into his misconduct. We do not recognize Kavanaugh as a legitimate member of the United States Supreme Court,” the letter continues.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported the strike sprung out of a meeting of the National Lawyers Guild at New York University last Saturday. As news of Kavanaugh’s confirmation spread Justine Medina and her guild co-chairs at Brooklyn Law School announced a plan to strike.

“Law students are particularly situated to speak about this issue,” Medina told The Chronicle as they had an obligation to defend the legal system’s norms, checks and balances.

Word of the strike spread through emails, phone calls, online petitions, newsletters and the like. By Tuesday afternoon more than 30 organizations and at least 12 law schools across the country had signed on but many more were quickly signing up.

Participating in the strike are law students at American, Emory, George Washington, Duke and Rutgers Universities, as well as the Universities of Miami, Richmond, Southern California, Denver and North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Law students at Ohio State University already staged a walkout on Monday.

Yale Law School, Kavanaugh’s alma mater, has been protesting Kavanaugh’s nomination for days. In addition to campus protests, hundreds of students drove to Washington DC to protest Kavanaugh.

Scenes from the first day of the Strike Against Kavanaugh were shared on Twitter:

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