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Deforested land in the Brazilian Amazon. (Photo: João Laet)
A crown fire (a forest fire that spreads from treetop to treetop) that is part of the Swan Lake wildfire rages through a stand of black spruce in a boreal forest in Alaska on June 19, 2019. In Alaska and Greenland, record or near-record high temperatures have contributed to the upsurge in wildfires.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. (Photo: Isac Nóbrega/PR)
President Donald J. Trump joins the G7 Leadership and Extended G7 members as they pose for the “family photo” at the G7 Extended Partners Program Sunday evening, Aug. 25, 2019, at the Hotel du Palais Biarritz, site of the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)