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The Ford-Kavanaugh hearings have left in their wake small lies and huge questions.

Does the country’s most adept legal mind and Constitutional scholar equate with the highest in human moral character? Apparently, not.

And, if not, then is the Republican party about to dispense with morality in favor of the power of political platform? Because, if it is, then of what value is a Supreme Court at all, if increasingly populated by amoral, political stooges (Clarence Thomas, et al) in a world wherein, as Steve Schmidt intoned, there has emerged a “collapse of trust in every institution”?

Talk about chilling. To use the urban vernacular: “We got nuthin'”.

The Senate Judiciary Committee should be about getting at all the facts and then determining the truth. So should the entire United States judicial system. Instead, in so many cases – this one included – both have become about manipulating facts to argue broader, inevitably political, agendas, often allegedly to serve the “greater good”. Expert witnesses are even paid to do the very thing.

The reason Kavanaugh wouldn’t take Senator Durbin’s challenge to allow the FBI investigation in lieu of the committee hearing is because he knew Mark Judge’s affidavit would be nullified. Here’s hoping the FBI investigation provides clear proof. If not, Senator Jeff Flake and the remaining members should send out subpoenas before they vote. Three days remain; will the majority choose merely to save the GOP, or step forward and walk with the truth?

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