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Trump Reistance


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Are we heading toward an economic collapse? Should such an economic shock occur what is our Oligarch, Donald Trump, and his Goldman Sachs stacked White House likely to push through in the name of recovery? Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine, provides us the steps in resisting such a shock. The House GOP is voting to further dismantle the already decimated Dodd Frank. The turtle we wish would lose the race, Mitch McConnell, has brought the zombie “health care” bill back to life as Senator McCain flies back from his unfortunate diagnosis in time to vote yes on stripping 22 million people of their health care, and good people from nuns to The Resistance are fighting them on it. We have a new sarcastically chosen cabinet member, David Bernhardt, our new Deputy Secretary of the Interior. The Resistance in Poland fought for its democracy and won. We talk about the parallels. Finally, The Resistance is ready for Donald to fire Mueller, to issue pardons, to step too far out of line. We are prepared to ratchet up our efforts in ways they have not begun to imagine. Without power in government or the Supreme Court we are all our republic has to keep it from falling. #RESIST



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