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Trump weed

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This is your Resistance podcast. On this episode, Jeff, the racist elf, Sessions wants our weed! Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, is dripping with scandal, palace intrigue and gory details of the most corrupt and chaotic reality show in town, the White House. Climate change is having its cruel way with us as the East is so cold it is raining iguanas. At least we have good news, and it has to do with the Chicago Climate Charter. We talk the future of Trump’s bogus “voter fraud” commission headed up by the heinous Kris Kobach, and what it has to do with the Department of Homeland Security. We are losing status in the world. Jim Mattis, our Secretary of Defense, left our war zone combat troops hanging for Christmas. The FBI Agents Association has a few things to say to us. Finally, Senator Cory Booker has a bill that you are going to want to hear about. #resist

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