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Tuesday’s Episode of K-Voice of Resistance! 7/18/17

Your Resistance Activism Podcast is here!

resistance activism

The Resistance is fighting on may fronts

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On episode 49 of K-Voice, A Voice of Resistance, we talk about a couple of bills up for a vote this week. We discuss what the Border Patrol can and cannot search on our phones. We touch on pipeline news, Arctic drilling, nuns resisting in Pennsylvania, mosquitoes flying in Fresno and millennials. Is Obamacare here to stay? Did Mitch McConnell fail in making Trumpcare the law of the land? We will discuss the latest ACA and AHCA news. Donald Trump’s voter suppression efforts, with the Voter Integrity Commission, are already working as Colorado voters cut and run. Bayer and Monsanto are merging. Why we should care. Finally, should we have a terror attack what can we can expect and more from President Twittler, Jeff Sessions, and the GOP. The Resistance is not an idea. It is a movement, and it is reshaping America. #RESIST


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