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The Victims of Victim Blaming- Resistance Podcast

From Black Lives Matter, to Me Too, to Parkland we look at the psychology behind victim blaming.
Victim Blaming BLM
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Welcome to KVoice a Resistance Podcast!  With the rise of the women’s movement and lately the Me Too movement and Black Lives Matter, shining a light on inequality at the same time as the rise of the Make America Great Again Movement which has given millions permission to say and act on the worst of their thoughts, fears and feelings we have seen a rise in victim blaming.  Victim blaming is not new, and it is never applied fairly. We explore the psychology behind victim blaming. As it turns out there is a reason people do it. In 2013, three Black organizers named Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi created a Black-centered political movement called #BlackLivesMatter. It was in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman.  Four years later nothing has changed. Unarmed black men and yes, women too are are still being gunned down with impunity. We discuss the murder of Alton Sterling and the protest in honor of the recently murdered Stephon Clark. Even the basketball teams, the Celtics and the Kings, have gotten involved.  The US Census Bureau announced on Monday night that the 2020 census will ask every American household to record which members of their family are US citizens.  Only a few hours later, it was facing a lawsuit over the decision. A group of at least 12 states, led by California, filed a lawsuit to stop the addition of the question.  We tell you what this is all about and why it matters. Republicans are only two states away from being able to rewrite our constitution in their own image.  We tell you how and how to avoid such a disaster from occurring.   And so The Resistance continues resisting the government every step of the way as the future of our country depends on it.  #resist

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