Join one of the 600+ protests at Verizon stores around the country to save the internet.

The Free Press Action Fund wants you to join one of the hundreds of protests that are happening nationwide around the United States this Thursday. Most protests are taking place either at your local Verizon store or at your local Congressman’s office.

The big vote on internet neutrality takes place on December 14th, but get active now and protest this Thursday to save the internet. Read Free Press’ call to action below and click here to find your local protest!



So far, Net Neutrality supporters have signed up to organize more than 600 protests at Verizon stores in all 50 states, which will make Dec. 7 another huge day of action for the open internet.

We truly believe that with enough momentum we can win this fight. And we’ll do that by picking up the phones and taking to the streets. We can convince Congress to pressure the FCC to cancel its vote to end the open internet. Congress has stepped in before when the FCC went off the rails and stopped votes like this one from happening.

Protesting outside retail stores during the busy holiday-shopping season is a great way to generate local media attention — which will put strategic pressure on lawmakers in their own backyards.

Enough is enough: It’s time to go all in for the open internet. This is a fun and easy way to show up for Net Neutrality, connect with other open-internet supporters, and send a message to Congress and the FCC. Click here to find a rally near you, or sign up to host one!

An internet without Net Neutrality would be inaccessible to many and open to none. We’ll keep fighting like hell to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Thanks for all that you do—

Lucia, Candace, Dutch and the rest of the Free Press Action Fund team

PS: Come to a special sneak-peek call on Wednesday night to learn more about the protests, get the details, share your clever sign ideas and get psyched to save Net Neutrality! Sign up here.


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