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Is War Imminent? Friday’s Resistance Podcast!

Welcome To Friday’s Resistance Podcast! Is war imminent? We discuss.

 Trump Resistance

Liberal, Progressive, Resistance Podcast

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We made it to our 50th Episode! On this episode, like villains from a children’s story the Republicans in the House are working hard to gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA) because ramping up extinction is something the people have been calling for? As part of his war on drugs, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III wants to steal your stuff so he is bucking state rights and forcing “adoptive” forfeiture on the poor and ethnic communities of America. Champion of the people Donald Trump wants Obamacare to fail, because playing fast and loose with people’s lives is more fun than golf these days. We discuss the ways in which Donald could ensure the ACA fails. We talk about how Donald’s air strikes in his war on terror is murdering 12 innocents a day double that of Obama. It’s not all bad news, however. We discuss Senator Lindsay Graham’s and Dick Durbin’s Dreamers’ Act 2017, and the recent victory for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Finally, is war a possibility or an inevitability? We discuss what the inspirations could be driving us towards such an end. Resist like nobody’s watching!


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