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White Helmets Prepare For Yet Another False Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt meeting Raed al-Saleh, the leader of the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets) in London, 1 November 2018. Read more Date: 1 November 2018, 16:12 Source: Foreign Secretary meets leader of the Syrian White Helmets Author: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Local sources claim the members of the so-called White helmets staged a new video showing the aftermath of “a chemical attack” that allegedly took place in Idlib province in the northwest of Syria.

Eyewitnesses indicated that a controversial video was filmed in the town of Zerba located in Idlib de-escalation zone. They added that a thick plume of mustard-colored gas and “victims” suffering from chemical poisoning followed by an air strike carried out by the Syrian Air Forces were seen in the footage.

Apparently, using this video, the members of White helmets are planning to start a new disinformation campaign, accusing the Syrian government of the use of the chemical weapon against civilian population. It seems that they have already played the same scenario in Khan Shaykhun.

It is widely known that the White helmets have been repeatedly blamed for organizing chemical provocations and disseminating the staged videos and photos through social networks and media. Despite an outrageous reputation, some of their ‘masterpieces’ were used by some western nations to justify missile strikes targeting the positions of the Syrian army.

It is possible to assume that amidst the progress made by the SAA in Idlib, especially the capture of Maaret al-Nuuman, the second-largest city in the province, White helmets group tries to help the opposition fighters to play again this card. It is obvious in this context that the Syrian fighters in Idlib expect the West to immediately interfere and block the advance of the Syrian troops into the region.

There is no doubt left that Idlib gradually leaves from under fighters’ control, and such provocations against Damascus only confirm this assumption. It will come as no surprise that tomorrow western media will cover the crimes of the Syrian government, however it’s highly likely that very few people will believe a word they say.

Ahmed AlKhalid

Ahmed is a peer news submitter for Citizen Truth.

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