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Women! Republicans Are Taking Our Rights Over Our Bodies


Women, Republicans
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Ep. 80- On this Episode of KVoice, your snowflake host reminds everyone that despite what the White (supremacist) House believes the Civil War was fought over slavery. Also, believe it or not, the slave beating man who killed many Americans in a fight against his own country to preserve slavery, Robert E. Lee, was a crap person and not the least honorable. John Kelly needs to get off the Taxpayer’s dime and retire, like the lying little racist he is. We discuss the Tax Bill and how it targets jobs in one of the fastest growing high paying sectors while giving a big middle finger to the environment and future of humanity. We also touch on the many ways women’s rights are under attack from the tiny little men and self hating women of the GOP. This also serves as a reminder that there is no such thing as a moderate Republican anymore. Rick Perry is an idiot. KVoice issues an apology for thinking the Republicans were confirming a normal conservative to a federal judgeship. They absolutely are not, and on that list of extremist ideologue judges are Stephanos Bibas, Allison Eid and Joan Larsen. Donald Trump is an unhinged facist. Finally, it is not all dark and devastating. We give an inspiring story of activism out of peru. All this and more on this episode of your Resistance Podcast.
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