In a recent video, the White Helmets legitimacy of a humanitarian group is further under scrutiny. In the video, Al Qaeda leader Tahrir al-Sham is recorded praising the White Helmets as “hidden soldiers of a revolution”.  This video further adds an already massive stockpile of questionable information on the White Helmets that no one in the US government nor the US mainstream media is investigating. The long laundry list of questionable information from them include:

  • Pictures of the White Helmets with weapons
  • Celebrating with Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Members
  • White Helmet workers living in the same complexes as Al Qaeda Members
  • White Helmets only operating in terrorist controlled areas
  • White Helmet members shown out of uniform beheading children
  • Eye witness accounts saying the White Helmets stealing property
  • White Helmets standing on dead bodies showing peace sign on the back of a truck
  • Fake lifesaving malpractices and more

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More information on the White Helmets can be found in our most recent video HERE


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