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Anti-Muslim Bias in the West Leads Muslims Towards Organizations Such as ISIS

Many Americans, tend to believe that the problems in the Middle-East are due to the culture of the people there as well as radical Islamic leaders who base their ideology on radical Islamic theology.

However, one theory which is particularly common along the far-left is that the violence which is found in the Middle-East is partly created by the West which deployed troops in these regions and intervened in domestic affairs despite most citizens of those regions not wanting this.

There’s also the possibility that Arab Americans may be turning to terrorist groups such as ISIS due to the anti-Muslim bias which exists in the U.S.

Research which was published by Science Advances last June found that there is a link between counties in the U.S. which have high-rates of anti-Muslim bias and internet searches for the Islamic State (ISIS).

How does ISIS exactly get recruits?

One of the best propaganda tools which ISIS uses to win over recruits is to advertise their belief that Muslims are being oppressed in the West and that they need to fight against this in order to attain justice.

Many young Muslims who join ISIS also do so because they feel that the organization offers them a sense of community which is something that they do not get to experience in the United States.

Most people in the West mistake Islam for being a monolith. The truth is that this is not the case, Islam is just as varied as Christianity and subsects and divisions exist within the religion.

There are some forms of Islam which promote peace and others which promote violence, just as there are some forms of Christianity and Judaism which promote peace and others violence.

People in the West need to treat Muslims’s with respect and understand that all Muslim’s do not think the same, just as how all Christians do not think the same.


Nearly 1000 Anti-Muslim Incidents in Germany 2017, 546 In Spain


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  1. Lisa Miller July 20, 2018

    No US leads towards creating Isis. ? They litterally did and everyone knows it.

  2. Linda Bednarz July 20, 2018

    Well…isn’t that special!

    1. Rick Liebst July 20, 2018

      Factual too, look at northern Ireland. Both Christian but the hatred causes both to see the other as an enemy. Well the trouble between the west/east, The Christian/Muslim. Has been going on for centuries. It was what the crusades were about. You would think after so long. Common sense and God would have won out.

    2. Linda Bednarz July 20, 2018

      Exactly… People worship God but they forget he all powerful. He appears to all in a form they can understand and praise. We get in trouble through our own ignorant feeling that only our religion is the true one. We try to trust God but we are human with human issues. We trust God until someone brings new thoughts to the table…then we kill each other over our own petty differences and God must just shakes his head. When will these people understand they say i’m all powerful…but they refuse to learn. Do you think he won’t start again…like he with Noah?

  3. Robert Reeser July 20, 2018

    Good, deport all of them

    1. Ethan Brunton July 21, 2018

      How about the Christians and Jews as well?

  4. Michael Coffey July 20, 2018

    It’s nice that we can help them find what’s already in their hearts and minds.
    It’s all in their murder manual;
    and pedophilia.

  5. Gary J. Weber July 20, 2018

    The US the most accommodating country in the world has a long history of welcoming religious freedom. However, ISLAM is NOT A RELIGION by western standards. Any group who proclaim “death to infidels” (that’s us folks). The Germans, Pols, Italians came here knowing it was a “melting pot” hiding in communities where the police won’t go plotting to kill Americans is a terrorist cult we NEVER should have let in. AND anyone who thought Sadom’s Iraq should have been left alone cut off your own head. I’m all for withdrawing from all Arab countries and letting them kill themselves. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  6. Sharron Herrera July 20, 2018

    Who makes up this stuff

  7. Frank Cromis July 20, 2018


  8. Barbara Dean July 23, 2018

    Par for the course.politics as usual

    1. Cory Sithspawn Presnell July 23, 2018

      What does religious discrimination have to do with “politics as usual”…simple minded one??

  9. Thomas Sheets July 23, 2018

    Get a life will ya

    1. Cory Sithspawn Presnell July 23, 2018

      You first

  10. ✌️Casey?? July 23, 2018

    Is this a satire article? ?‍♀️. My God!

  11. Carol Dillihay July 23, 2018

    BS. Muslims run to isis because they agree 100% with the ideology!!!!!

    1. Cory Sithspawn Presnell July 23, 2018

      How would *you* know?

      Feelings and beliefs?

      Lying to yourself?

      Anti-Islam ideology?

    2. Carol Dillihay July 24, 2018

      Cory Sithspawn Presnell Piss off you ignorant anti American POS!! There is a country you can move to where you will feel more comfortable like say Kenya, Mexico, Venesula etc.

  12. Scott Stowell July 23, 2018

    And that is exactly what certain factions of the Republican party want . This has all been mapped out by people who would divide and try to conquer based on ridiculous ‘religious’ beliefs . These people are helping to steer US policy on all fronts .
    The trump ‘administration’ needs to be reigned in at midterm elections or some kind of unnecessary war is going to occur .
    And I do mean UNNECESSARY .

    Vote blue to regain some sanity in government !

  13. Judy Metcalf July 23, 2018

    I fear that there will be rigging in Nov

  14. G. Robert Shiplett July 24, 2018

    probably true to some extent


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