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I have a question for you, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Of course, it’s nothing like the lofty cream puffs you’ve been declining to answer over the past few days. My question has nothing to do with Trump’s tweets, Roe versus Wade or what you may or may not have said or known ten years ago. I’ll leave it to the U.S. Senators to waste time asking questions they know damn well you will skirt.

Nor does my question deal with some abstruse technicality of the law.

I’m not that sophisticated, and I don’t run in elite circles.

I don’t understand buzzwords or conventional wisdom.

I want to know if you’ve ever been bullied in your life.

Do you know what it feels like to be pushed around, or excluded just because someone wants to do it?

The American people do.

They have been bullied for the past thirty years out of their jobs by your elite friends.

It was your elite classmates who screwed ordinary Americans out of their well-paying jobs.

Fifty grand a year is chump change to you and your friends, but to the ordinary American it’s huge money that pays for a decent family life for their kids.

Fifty grand a year keeps the family together and their kids away from drugs.

Your buddies in the Washington to Boston bubble in which you’ve lived your entire adult life took that away from them.

They did it through relentless mergers which lay half the people off and work the other half to death; and they did it through outsourcing jobs to Indonesia and Vietnam.

You remember Vietnam, right – the war to save democracy, the war your elite mentors created, the war that was fought by ordinary Americans?

Assuming that you do, which is a stretch because you can’t seem to remember anything that is too uncomfortable for you to remember, it’s righteous to ask whether the American people will have a friend on the Supreme Court, if you take office, or another arrogant bully who will punch them in the face.

So have you been bullied?

Being bullied, of course, doesn’t guarantee that you will be sensitive to people who are being bullied because bullies have often been bullied, but it might be worth the time to hear your thoughts on the matter.

The Senators won’t ask; they’re too busy reading their marching orders that Corporate America is texting them. Or they are checking the Chatty Cathy string on the back of their neck to make sure it is in good operating condition. Or they are prepping their speeches for their 2020 Presidential run (as if they had a snowball’s chance in hell). That’s why I’m asking. I’m a tax payer, one of your employers. I want to know what kind of person you are. Are you sensitive to people who are getting the tar beat out of them? Or are you another guy who thinks that life is fair?

I’m waiting. Don’t let Senate protocol hold you back. You can answer a question from anybody. Or are you above that?


From Vietnam to Afghanistan, Collateral Damage Courtesy of US Military

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