Can Light Pollution Really Cause Breast Cancer?

Can Light Pollution Really Cause Breast Cancer?
 Dear EarthTalk: What is “light pollution?” Is it really a factor in breast cancer?
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2 responses to “Can Light Pollution Really Cause Breast Cancer?”

  1. Newman Lee Newman Lee says:

    E.M. Fields from sodiums halide bulbs

  2. Colin Henshaw says:

    Light pollution is a serious environmental problem that needs to be redressed urgently. Massive street light reduction programmes are in order if we are to get a handle on this problem. Where street lights are deemed necessary they should be motion operated and subject to an 11p.m. till dawn curfew (and not dimmed), in suburban and residential areas. Luminaires should be fully recessed into their housings to avoid intrusion onto neighbouring properties, and their colour temperature should not exceed 2200K and preferably less, say 1750K.

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