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Congress Passes $716 Billion Military Spending Bill

(AntiWar, by Jason Ditz) In a 79-10 vote, the Senate today passed the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a $716 billion military spending bill. The bill had already passed in the House last week, and is expected to be signed by President Trump.

tThe bill sets the base Pentagon budget at $616.9 billion, with another $69 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations, alongside $21.9 billion for the Energy Department for the massive nuclear weapons modernization program.

This was the single largest increase in military spending year-over-year in 15 years, and is the latest in the annual push between President Trump and Congress to see who can outdo the other in spending increases.

The bill authorizes the purchase of 13 new warships, 77 more F-35s, and new low-yield nuclear weapons to be launched by submarine. The $716 billion is by far the most spent by any nation on their military, and almost five times as much as the next largest nation, China.

This bill aims to limit US involvement in the Yemen War, as well as forcing the US to better vet the Syrian factions it arms to prevent arming terrorist groups. The bill also includes language cautioning that nothing in the bill is intended to authorize an attack on Iran.


Amnesty International Report Cites US Role in Yemen Prisoner Abuse

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  1. Harold Jones August 1, 2018


  2. Stephen Krieg August 1, 2018

    Its a must to defend this country after obubomo ruined the USA MILITARY.

    1. Dorothy Wong August 1, 2018

      You’re SO full of shit !

    2. Will Williams August 1, 2018

      Stephen Krieg, share with us how you think the military is “ruined?”

    3. Rina Davis-van Tuil August 2, 2018

      We all should know that the name “krieg” means WAR in the German language! Another fruitcake!

    4. Jeanne Macdonald August 2, 2018

      Shut up.

  3. Roberta Coyle August 1, 2018

    Over spending because if Trump

  4. Jeanne Macdonald August 1, 2018

    Those dumbasses. There’s more to life.

  5. Ray Rossman August 1, 2018

    Another waste of taxpayer’s money on war.

  6. Joseph Nixon August 2, 2018

    We have to defend our grocery stores from those who don’t have proper ID indemnification

    1. Louise Dodson August 2, 2018

      Are you posting from a mental hospital?

    2. Joseph Nixon August 2, 2018

      Louise Dodson Do you know what sarcasm is?

  7. Louise Dodson August 2, 2018

    Please tell me you are kidding… with all the homeless vets congress wants to make more…they should be using that money to reunite the immigrant children with their parents

  8. Mark Samuels August 2, 2018

    And this is why the country will soon collapse.

  9. D Wayne Williams August 2, 2018

    Getting ready for their next fake based war

  10. Doris Schultz August 2, 2018

    Why. Russia knows all our secrets

  11. Fred Nightwalker August 2, 2018

    Gop stealing america

  12. Jeanne Macdonald August 2, 2018

    To life!!! To life!!! To life!!!

  13. Michele Calabrese August 2, 2018

    If we spent less on the military and our endless wars we would have the money for universal health care and Social Security etc. Nobody ever seems to question the endless increase in the military budget but social programs are the first to be cut. Makes no sense

  14. Judy Metcalf August 2, 2018

    And people are starving in the streets

  15. Bob Frey August 2, 2018

    They will buy junk they don’t need.

  16. Mark Samuels August 6, 2018

    Destroying America for the oligarchs.

  17. Edwin Gallegos August 6, 2018


  18. Frank Cromis August 6, 2018


  19. Noella Peterson August 6, 2018

    Let’s see how much will be Lost this time.

  20. Roger Jasso August 6, 2018

    Hey TRUMP you are a Fired!

  21. Nate Dempsey August 6, 2018

    I feel so much safer all of a sudden

  22. Louise Dodson August 6, 2018

    I need to know how much goes to our vets.. heel spurs did nothing to deserve a parade or a war… if it is war he want he should be on the front lines with his chicken boys

  23. Janet Bento Li August 6, 2018

    Father God, guide our military for Your glory on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

  24. Beatriz Salinas August 6, 2018

    really are they pocketing the money themselves!

  25. Rudy Zarate Alvarado August 6, 2018

    Too much

  26. Bob Burge August 6, 2018

    But what about the boots on the ground folks?

  27. Harold Jones August 6, 2018

    An insane amount. Way more than the military needs. Oh I forgot, the companies supplying the military will make billions. More government welfare.

  28. This is why we can’t afford education and health care. I am sick and tired of seeing my tax dollars go to feeding the military complex, which doesn’t even help vets.

  29. Emmet Meara August 6, 2018


    And cut vet’s benefits!

  30. Denny Charles Sr. August 6, 2018


  31. Gary J. Weber August 6, 2018

    IF we ever go to war again you’ll see why we spend the $$$

  32. Tania Marcotty August 6, 2018

    Run out of toilet seats?

  33. Ray Rossman August 6, 2018

    Wasted money!

  34. Barbara Alles August 6, 2018

    Pentegon didn’t even ask for this. (Why should they?)

  35. Susan Dow August 6, 2018


  36. Mary Jane LaCentra August 6, 2018

    INCREASED military spending is one way to prop up the economy facing the threat of inflation—impacts from a tariff war—and interest rates slated to rise…
    And so it begins….

    keep your eyes wide open because the LITTLE man in the White House will be “forking us with different prongs…”

    Remember…his most effective argument is his purported great economic achievements…

    Watch as interest rates rise (good for seniors) and stocks fall

    AND he blames social programs like SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE and MEDICAID and OBAMACARE

    AND Blames Congress for NOT restructuring these programs (conveniently NOT mentioning his massive tax cuts for the top 1% and Its impacts on the booming Federal deficit)

    AND the LITTLE man switches focus to stopgap measures

    such as his recent $12 billion taxpayer relief to farmers suffering from HIS tariff policy

    AND military investments to prop up his failing economy…

    mark my words…?????????

  37. Brenda Valenza August 6, 2018

    They have money to send young people to be killed or wounded but can’t take care of them through the VA system!!! Don’t fight their unnecessary wars!!!

  38. Dorothy McKown August 14, 2018

    How are we and the next generations ever going to be able to pay off the debt these REPUGNENT war MONGERS have gotten us into??

  39. Patricia Masson August 14, 2018

    Is this taxpayer’s money or money from the elite paying for it.

  40. Sandy Winter August 14, 2018

    Bankruptcy coming…..cha-ching…cha-ching…cha- ching.

  41. Susan Dow August 14, 2018


  42. Janice Iannaccone August 14, 2018

    And who’s hand is in that acct??

  43. Judy Metcalf August 14, 2018

    And borrows how much? How long can this continue?

  44. Patricia Gulifield Segal August 15, 2018


  45. Emily Kohl August 15, 2018

    none of the $$ goes to the troops..


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