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Dreamers, DACA, Deportation, Donald- Resistance Podcast

Dreamers DACA deportation Donald
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Dreamers DACA Deportation Donald
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A brand new episode of your Resistance podcast is available for download! On this episode, we are barreling toward yet another government shutdown! Will the Democrats hold the line for Dreamers, or push DACA down the line yet again? The Super Bowl happened and white people rioted. Toddlers prove guns are the problem. Israel is making Donald’s racist heart proud. Women have achieved equality at last, thanks to Doritos. We lay out the chilling realty on how Russians are manipulating our behaviors, and the Republicans are cool with it. We highlight a few of the tragic stories of ICE’s inhumane deportations. Finally, we have amazing news for the future of elections in America and democratic prospects in 2018! All this and more on this episode of KVoice! #RESIST
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