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Israel Attacks Syria Unprovoked

Israel Attacks Syrian Military Positions, Syria Issues Warnings

The On Sunday June 25th 2017, Israel attacked the Syrian government. The attack by Israel was a result of stray fire between the Syrian government, Al Nusra and ISIS fighting in Syria, as reported by Haaretz.


The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) issued a statement. “The IDF is not a side to the internal fight in Syria and isn’t involved in it. However, it views with severity any attempt to harm the sovereignty of Israel and the safety of its citizens and considers the Syrian regime responsible for what transpires in its territory,”.


After the Israeli Sunday attack, the Syrian army issued a statement. They condemned Israeli “aggression in support of terror groups.” Syria also warned Israel against “repeating this sort of conduct.”


The errant fire with the fighting between Syria and the terrorist groups hit open areas in the Golan Heights. The Syrian government reported no injuries or deaths.


In a separate incident the day before on Saturday June 24th, Israel attacked the Syrian government again, also because of stray fire resulting from fighting between terrorist groups and the Syrian government. In that attack, Israel reportedly killed 2 people in Quneitra. No one was harmed in the stray fire between Syria and the terrorists. This marks two incidents where the Israeli government attacked the Syrian government because of stray fire.


Al Nusra and other terrorist groups coordinated the two attacks with Israel according to the Syrian army. They also said the attacks by Israeli helicopters supported the terrorist assault on the Quneitra suburb.


For more information on Syria and the Golan Heights, check out or Syria video.


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Orane Sharpe

Orane Sharpe is one of the co-founders of Citizen Truth. Originally from Jamaica, Orane is passionate about foreign policy and the often disastrous effects of reckless interventionist policies. Orane largely works on Citizen Truth's video content as a producer and host.

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  1. Larry N Stout August 16, 2019

    The zionists always have and always will operate with utter arrogance and impunity, in complete disregard for International Law, the Geneva Conventions, and UN resolution. The USA has always (and always will be, apparently), the zionists’ junk-yard dog.


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