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Man Who Recorded Viral ‘Highlighter Man’ Video Speaks Out

Highlighter Man Nick Kitchen
'Highlighter Man' Nick Kitchen in viral video (Photo: GoFundMe, https://www.gofundme.com/f/highlighter-man-nick-kitchen)

This is the second part of Citizen Truth’s coverage of the “Highlighter Man” incident and the events following. The first part, including an interview with Nicholas Kitchen, can be seen here.

“What happens to these children? What happens to their families? What happens if she [Fuller] allows this man [tenant in question] to stay there? What happens if she is still in management? All these questions can arise.”

Shaquawn Moore, who is known as @_SamuelLahn on Twitter, is the man who recorded the “Highlighter Man” video, which millions on social media have seen. However, as Citizen Truth reported, Moore is facing a possible slander lawsuit from Elizabeth Fuller, the property manager of Altitude 101 Apartments.
While Moore does not wish to make the incident about him, he felt compelled to speak about the situation and how the apartment staff has handled Kitchen, the unknown neighbor, who is at the center of the entire incident, and him.

Moore’s Role and Harassment from Altitude 104 Staff Member

“…This man [Highlighter Man, Nicholas Kitchen] is defending these children from a racist tenant, or at least that’s what I thought it was,” Moore stated near the beginning of the conversation. “With that, I go down to get further details from Mr. Nicholas himself, explaining that we have a racist tenant living amongst us, and he personally called; from my belief an off-duty security guard to come and escort, detain and intimidate these children from playing in a public area at our apartment complex, which made me fairly upset. Because as me being in the military and fighting for rights, justice and everything like that, so they claim to me and I come home and see this shit, it makes me upset,” he continued.
Moore decided to speak to management after the video of the incident began going viral to learn both sides of the story. At this point, Elizabeth Fuller denied that the tenant in question was racist or guilty of the multiple complaints against him. However, Fuller did blame the children of the complex for multiple indiscretions yet has not provided evidence about which children damaged the apartment property.
Moore also detailed an interesting interaction with Fuller: “…She revealed that she was planning on evicting the parents of said children involved with the incident, and, what do you know, Nicholas Kitchen. Kitchen’s eviction notice was placed on his door immediately after the incident. She revealed to me about evicting two people, which violates FHA [Federal Housing Administration] policies.”
Then, it gets even worse… Moore would continue before detailing Fuller contacting family members, his company commander, along with his brigade commander. She calls my roommate asking for my information, she then calls my wife, she then calls my 1st sergeant at my company, then she calls my command sergeant major at my brigade; pleading, threatening and making demands that if I did not take down this video, she would sue me for slander. She let that be known very clear.”
Moore then went to speak to Fuller at one of the property offices. He details a situation of his being mocked, and Fuller stated that his recording of their conversation was illegal, which Moore denies since it happened in public. He would also tell Fuller that her calling his place of work for personal matters was actually illegal.
After the conversation, Fuller continued to contact Moore’s chain of command. He detailed his frustration due to the unmarked gun-wielding security guard, the unknown tenant and that Elizabeth Fuller hadn’t any repercussions from John Goodman Real Estate. He also detailed that the office never seemed to care about children on the property, explaining that his child died at the complex March 4 of this year, and he never received a letter, words of condolence or any acknowledgment from Altitude 104 Apartments. The incident leads him to believe that Fuller doesn’t care about the children at the apartment. He wonders why there hasn’t been something done about the tenant who intimidated children.

Moore Seeks Legal Counsel

“I am going to see my JAG office today [July 2], military lawyer office. Seeking civilian help as well; filing a lawsuit for harassment,” Moore responded when asked if he was planning to seek legal action due to his place of work being contacted in such a manner.

“I would like to see the eviction notice taken away from Mr. Nicholas Kitchen and his family. There is no telling what kind of stresses you are putting on this man and his family; once something like that happens, you are blacklisted. There is no telling if this man is going to possibly find a new home for him and his family once that has taken place,” Moore responded after being asked what he would like to see happen regarding the situation.

What happens to these children? What happens to their families? What happens if she [Fuller] allows this man [tenant in question] to stay there? What happens if she is still in management? All these questions can arise. So then, I’m like, something does need to be done. The security guard [who can be seen in the initial “Highlighter Man” video] needs to face punishment, the man who threw shit at children, threw shit at children, used racial slurs, used his dog for intimidation, called an unmarked security guard; he needs to be evicted. I would suggest he be charged with hate crimes. On top of that, that woman [Elizabeth Fuller] needs to be fired. Her license needs to be taken away, she’s not fit to be managing anything if this is how she is going to be doing stuff.

Kitchen Receives a Letter

After the first Citizen Truth article on the matter, Nicholas Kitchen received the following letter from Altitude 104 Apartments.



The letter received by Nicholas Kitchen from the Altitude 104 Apartments after the Citizen Truth article with an interview with Nicholas.


A request for an official signature and timestamp by the apartment complex was denied, with the rationale that it was legitimate since it was on corporate (John Goodman Real Estate) letterhead.

Citizen Truth is still reaching out to parties involved with the incident.

Audio Interview

The full audio interview with Moore can be heard below.





Walter Yeates

Walter Yeates is a journalist, novelist, and screenwriter who embedded at Standing Rock with military Veterans and First People in December 2016. He covers a range of topics at Citizen Truth and is open for tips and suggestions. Twitter: www.twitter.com/GentlemansHall or www.twitter.com/SmoothJourno Muckrack: https://muckrack.com/walteryeates


  1. Kim July 9, 2019

    This is ridiculous. You post these interviews with only one side of the story. If it’s called citizen truth. Org how can you post half the story without knowing the whole truth. Liz is not a racist and it’s sickening that it is being insinuated that she is. Mr. Moore does not know her personally. He has no right to insinuate anything about her.

    1. Walter Yeates July 10, 2019


      I am aware of the name of this outlet. The apartment complex is being reached out to. If she wants to speak about the incident, her own words, and claims made by her, she’s free to speak to me at any point.

      He did not state that she was a racist herself. Also, the incidents spoken about are all on film besides the final conversation after Mr. Moore’s CO was contacted multiple times.

  2. Bobbie Goldman July 16, 2019

    I’ve seen the video and it should be known that Mrs. Fuller”s face is not shown and Mr. Moore didn’t identify her by name. Someone else on Twitter replying to his initial tweet did.


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