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Massive Farm Releases 100 Turkeys to Activists Despite Felony Charges

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, animals rights activists and one of the biggest turkey farms in the U.S. found reason to celebrate together.

Turkey farming giant Norbest has released 100 turkeys in the spirit of compassion for Thanksgiving. The turkeys were given out by Rick Pitman, owner of Norbest, to activists charged with felonies for investigating turkey care in Norbest. Wayne Hsiung, founder of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), was one of the activists awaiting felony trial for investigating Norbest.

Famous actor James Cromwell led hundreds of animal activists for the turkey slaughterhouse rescue.

Actor James Cromwell and DxE founder Wayne Hsiung rescue a turkey. (Image via DxE)

Actor James Cromwell and DxE founder Wayne Hsiung rescue a turkey. (Image via DxE)

Observers commended Pitman and Hsiung for putting their differences aside during Thanksgiving. In a dramatic move, DxE and Norbest supporters among other activists will visit Norbest farm and its environs to feed employees and residents with vegan diets. Pitman will be giving out the 100 turkeys to the activists as Thanksgiving mercy for the birds. The released turkeys will live out their lives in a local sanctuary with other birds out of animal compassion.

Hsiung and Pitman are using the Thanksgiving occasion to prove that legal adversaries can find common ground. Pitman has also made it clear that he has no interest in any felony charges leveled against Hsiung and other activists.

Although Pitman is not supporting any felony charges against Hsiung and other activists with the grassroots animal rights network DxE, Smithfield’s Circle Four Farms in Utah is supporting felony charges against the aforementioned. Circle Four Farms, the largest pig farm in the U.S., is backing felony charges against Hsiung and others for investigating cruelty to pigs at the farm.


DxE co-founder Wayne Hsiung and Norbett Owner Rick Pitman

DxE co-founder Wayne Hsiung and Norbett owner Rick Pitman. (Image via DxE)

The accused face up to 60 years behind bars for multiple felony and racketeering charges.

The ongoing activity is part of the agenda outlined for the Animal Liberation Western Convergence. Nearly 1,000 animal rights activists will be participating in the event which runs through Wednesday. As part of the program, Cromwell led activists to visit the Utah attorney general and Gov. Herbert at the Utah State Capitol Building to demand active response to animal cruelty. They want Circle Four Farms investigated for cruelty to animals and felony charges dropped against Hsiung and others.



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