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In light of COVID-19’s origins in humans exploiting animals, animal rights activism is more relevant and urgent than ever. (Photo credit: Ronell Gatchalian)
Flourishing antibiotic resistance is just one of the many public health crises produced by factory farming. Other problems include foodborne illness, flu epidemics, the fallout from poor air and water quality, and chronic disease. (Photo credit: Farm Watch/Flickr)
Deforested land in the Brazilian Amazon. (Photo: João Laet)
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont speaking at a town meeting at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
Activist Sanjeev Deshpande rescuing a turkey. (Image via DxE)
Rice fields in Gangavati, India
photo of an emaciated Fabián Tomasi
close up photo of a cow licking its lips on a sunny day
image of Bayer logo and sign on top of a building
picture of a dead chicken on the ground
picture of EU citizens celebrating a legislation defeat of glyphosate
Genetically Modified Children
monsanto lawsuit
regenerative soil
pesticides are dumbing down bees
pesticide chili peppers
black farmers sue over seed discrimination
Iowa pesticide drift
Monsanto's Roundup on a shelf
biofuel, corn vs oil, renewable fuel program