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Meet DC Mayoral Candidate, 19-Year-Old Michael Christian Woods

Michael Christian Woods is running to be Washington D.C.’s next mayor, and while he may be young, he is determined to take down the “Goliaths” of old politics and implement reforms to benefit everyday Americans. We invited the Woods campaign to submit an editorial, which is printed below.

Isn’t it great that 19-year-old Michael Christian Woods has the vision, passion, and compassion to become the next Mayor of Washington D.C. and resolve issues that have plagued D.C. since before he was born?  He has always loved D.C. and seeks to create a better life for all residents of the District. Michael Christian Woods is currently a senior at The George Washington University. He spent previous summers, at the age of 15 and 16, taking undergraduate courses at Harvard Summer School, thus accelerating him to senior status at GW.  

A former Texan, he resided in the Houston suburbs but grew-up in the Houston wards serving senior citizens, picking up trash in the neighborhoods, and reading to younger children through Top Teens of America, HIC.  His life as a public servant began at age 11 when he held his first executive office at Jack and Jill, the leadership development organization.

“I am running for Mayor because the office of Mayor has the greatest authority to implement change.”  Although this is a “David vs. Goliath” campaign, “I will persevere by reaching out directly to those whom I wish to serve.”

Michael states that the long-term problems that plague D.C. aren’t because of lack of money, but because politicians have demonstrated that they do not prioritize the needs of the people over the demands from their big donors. D.C. is usually ranked as the 22nd largest city, but its budget of $14.5 billion ranks 2nd after New York City, surpassing Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. In Southeast D.C. a neighborhood grocery store closed over 20 years ago creating a food desert and causing residents to commute to another store that serves nearly 70,000 people.  

For education, D.C. has the highest spending per student and has a disgraceful, astounding achievement gap. D.C. ranks among the highest median incomes and yet there are homeless people on nearly every block and even middle-income residents struggle. $1.5 million has been requested in the budget for a dog park.  “I love my dog and he loves the dog park, but I would not place priority on funding the dog park when people are struggling. These are some of the issues that I want to resolve as Mayor to move D.C. Always Forward!”

You can volunteer or donate to the Michael Christian Woods for DC Mayor Campaign at www.mc4dcmayor.com.  

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  1. Rina Davis-van Tuil July 26, 2018

    I’m sure these young people have better sense than this old idiot pocket fillers! Fresh faces, means fresh ideas!

  2. Lauren von Bernuth July 26, 2018

    Amen!! Change is good!

  3. Gail Ladella September 24, 2018

    He’s a real SNOWFLAKE

    1. Alyssa Logue September 24, 2018

      Gail Ladella racist bitch.

  4. Edward Jasso Quiroz September 24, 2018

    So says the real RACIST!

  5. Nathan Henderson September 24, 2018

    They need to out of diapers first


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