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New Docuseries Focuses on Heroes During Coronavirus Outbreak

“Regular Heroes” premiered on Amazon Prime, focusing on frontline heroes in the war on COVID-19.

The term “hero” refers to all essential workers such as grocery store clerks, hospital workers, teachers, farmers, bus drivers, delivery personnel, sanitation workers, police officers, and others. The eight-episode series will highlight the selfless acts of these heroes who “risk it all to keep their communities afloat.”

Debuting on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia on May 8, the first episode profiled a New York City healthcare worker, a New Orleans grocer, and a Los Angeles woman who assists the homeless.

“This show is inspired by the individuals who give so much to others every day of the year but even more so during this challenging time; they are true role models,” said Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke.

Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys hosted the first episode, which included her new song “Good Job”—a powerful anthem that she has partnered with CNN to use as the theme for a new CNN Heroes campaign during COVID-19.

The series will also offer support and assistance with donations of goods, services and more so that they can continue to pay it forward and help their communities.

Essential workers have found themselves in a new position of significance in our daily lives, but often with much appreciation. Citizens across the world, for instance, have shown appreciation for medical workers—applauding and cheering them from their own windows while in quarantine themselves.

All of these workers, from medical workers to grocery store employees, are essentially risking their health by working in public venues with a high concentration of people, daily.

Consequently, with the growing disparity between citizens, the protocol being advised upon us, and the desire to return to normalcy, tensions can result in altercations lodged onto essential workers.

New episodes of “Regular Heroes” will air every Friday on Amazon Prime and include appearances from stars such as Alicia Keys, Nick Jonas, and more. Other locales that will be featured in the series include Chicago and Seattle, among others.


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