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Screenshot from “America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump” -- a two-night, four-hour documentary series on how America’s polarized politics came to be that provides new insights and crucial context for the 2020 election year.
Josh Fox, director of 'Gasland'.
772px Oprah in 2014
Bikram Choudhury teaching a group yoga class in Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator.
Amazon tree frog in a screenshot from More Joy Less Pain
Monica Lewinsky receiving a standing ovation after her TED talk in 2015. Her new documentary 15 Minutes of Shame will look at bullying and cancel culture.
A counter-protester gives a white supremacist the middle finger. The white supremacists responds with a Nazi salute. Charlottesville August 12, 2017.
statue of liberty
Roy Cohn was "a master manipulator that taught politicians, demagogues, and bad guys how to behave—and that means misbehave.” (Photo: YouTube screenshot)
Chelsea Handler at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA.
Sammy Davis Jr
President George W. Bush participates in a reading demonstration the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Fla.
The Dictator's Playbook on PBS airs on Wednesdays starting January 9. (Image via PBS)
Monica Lewinsky posing with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in the new DocuSeries "Shut up and Dribble"
New Watergate Documentary: President Nixon with his edited transcripts of the White House Tapes subpoenaed by the Special Prosecutor, during his speech to the Nation on Watergate
Screenshot of Joan Jett rocking the stage in her new documentary Bad Reputation
Screenshot from Reversing Roe of women in the Bronx marching with a Right to Life banner
Screenshot of Trump supporters holding Trump Pence sign at a diner
Screenshot of trailer for Liberty City documentary
President Donald Trump President Vladimir Putin
Roger Ailes
Screenshot of trailer for America to Me
Screenshot of scene young minority men from documentary Crime + Punishment
Logo for new documentary Sugar Town
Trayvon Martin documentary, Rest in Power
Michael Moore documentary about Trump
Imagine dragons Believer
Mr. Rogers Won't You Be My Neighbor movie