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Obama and Biden Return to Solve Crimes in Mystery Book Series

Former President Barack Obama ran on a campaign many associated with hope, and as the title of a new book series says, that idea and the man behind it don’t have to fade just yet.

“Hope Never Dies” launches a new mystery series in which Barack Obama and his former Vice President Joe Biden team up to solve crimes.

The novel begins with the Biden wasting away in retirement, watching Obama’s post-presidential life on cable TV and wondering if the former Chief Executive is still his best friend.

When Biden also learns that his favorite Amtrak conductor has mysteriously died, Obama suddenly reappears, and the two men team up to investigate the case.

Sidestepping any overt political agenda, the plot takes the duo to Wilmington, Delaware, encounters with greasy diners, biker bars, dangerous life-insurance investigators, a (Republican) cop tired of their shenanigans, and a cheap, rat-infested hotel room.

The two men are portrayed as the pair of affectionate opposites they appeared to be during their terms in the white house: Obama is the cool, calm, cerebral voice of reason, while Biden is the impulsive livewire.

The closest the novel gets to a partisan slant are jibes against Fox News, Sarah Palin and John Boehner’s tan. Barack and Joe also bemoan the current administration that’s dismantling “everything we’d built.”

Biden also ponders running for President in 2020, conceding his regret for not doing so in 2016. “I could have beat that short-fingered clown in the general, Barack,” he says, though President Donald Trump’s name never comes up in “Hope Never Dies.”

Selected as an Official Summer Read in Publishers Weekly, “Hope Never Dies” was written by bestselling author Andrew Shaffer, who also wrote “The Day of the Donald: Trump Trumps America,” a satirical work of fiction published in 2016 prior to Trump winning the election.

“Hope Never Dies” is available for purchase now.


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