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Smart Home And Blockchain Technology Helping To Deliver A Greener Tomorrow

Clean Energy Innovation

On April 30, 2017, Germany set a new national record for renewable energy use. During a portion of the day, 85% of all electricity at use was produced by renewables. Biomass, hydroelectric, solar, and wind are all prominent energy sources within the country. While the United States has nowhere that level of green energy integrated into society, blockchain innovations are developing green alternatives for individuals around the world.

The Ecological Nation Theory provides a blockchain framework for a healthy digital environment, the GREENEUM network aims to entice individuals to use renewables, “while at the same time facilitating decentralized energy trading between utilities, producers, grid operators, and consumers,” according to a blog post. GREENUM has lofty goals for their sustainable energy efforts going forward. According to their whitepaper:

GREENEUM is creating the most advanced network in the world to encourage the production, distribution, and consumption of GREEN, renewable, sustainable energy including solar, wind, hydro, and thermal. The GREENEUM Network uniquely measures, verifies and incentivizes efficient and eco-friendly behavior throughout the entire supply chain to benefit present and future generations.

GREENEUM Global Energy Networks (GREENEUM) is designed to leverage targeted Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, IoT and smart contracts. Our vision is to create and grow a decentralized and sustainable energy market that enables smart monetization for real time peer-to-peer (P2P) energy and data transactions.

The Role Smart Homes Can Play

Arloid Automation is a Building Automation System (BAS) which is a ‘green building’ solution in the broader Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) movement. In one of their blog entries Arloid explains how their technology can help in the energy conservation movement:

Our system suggests a lot of ways of energy saving. It turns off the light in the kitchen or bathroom, if you have failed to do it, cuts off power from all your electric appliances at your command by mobile phone if you leaving home for work have failed to unplug your iron or heater, or when you are away, the system converts the house into a low power mode.

Arloid technology is capable of detecting and stopping potentially dangerous gas and water leaks, by closing valves at the source of the problem. These measures help reduce the amount of water wasted within the home.

Future Of Clean Energy

18% of all electricity in the United States was produced by renewable sources in 2017. Which is considerably lower than many other first world nations in the global community, especially when considering how much the country continues to rely on fossil fuels.

Iceland, Tajikistan, Sweden France, and Switzerland lead the world in being least dependent upon fossil fuel for energy needs. Innovations within blockchain, housing, and transport will help nations rely less on fossil fuels and combat climate change.


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Walter Yeates

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