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Philly Antifa ‘Doxxes’ White Nationalists in Pennsylvania

Is doxxing a new viable way to combat “hate” or is it the internet weaponized in a new dangerous form?

Recently the Philadelphia Antifa chapter began a doxxing campaign attempting to expose fascists and skinheads operating in the Philadelphia area, most of whom belong to a group called Keystone United or as it was called until 2009, Keystone State Skinheads.

Starting September 10, Philly Antifa has published one Keystone United member’s contact info, criminal history, employment info and picture per day and will do so for 30 days.

Philly Antifa, Combating Fascism or Spreading Authoritarianism?

Antifa groups operate around the United States and worldwide, attempting to combat fascism and other manifestations of right-wing hatred, however they have also been the recipients of criticism as a result of their confrontational and sometimes violent tactics.

According to the Philly Antifa website, they “are an independent Anti-Fascist crew operating in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding area.  This is followed with the statement “We are in direct conflict with Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Transphobia, and all the various other flavors of Fascism. Philly Antifa are anti-authoritarians and anti-nationalist. We do not work with the state or any groups/individuals who seek to ‘reign us in’ or otherwise control us.”

Given these goals, it should come as no surprise that Philly Antifa is taking an aggressive approach towards combatting fascism and hate groups in the Philadelphia area. But is it acceptable to publish personal information and other details regarding certain individuals on the worldwide web because they are affiliated with unsavory quasi-political organizations?

Hate in the Home of Brotherly Love

Despite the fact that Pennsylvania is home to the city of brotherly love and was founded as a haven for religious freedom, the state is home to an incredibly large number of organizations that have been labeled hate groups. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Pennsylvania has more anti-government groups than any other state in the country and is home to at least 36 recognized hate groups. If one were to rank states based on number of hate groups, Pennsylvania would be number eight on the list.

Almost all of the persons who have been exposed by Philly Antifa thus far are associated with the skinhead crew Keystone United. On their WordPress website, Keystone United claims that since their inception they “have helped to create a positive atmosphere within the cause through our concerts, gatherings and family events.” They claim that they “have also been physically attacked, imprisoned, harassed and slandered for attempting to remove the destructive propaganda fed to today’s youth through the mass media.”

While Philly Antifa is currently “doxxing” one Keystone United member a day, they have also previously doxxed about 25 members of other white nationalist groups in the Philly area. Doxxing is the practice of publishing someone’s personal contact information or address online, typically for malicious intent.

In contradiction to many of the white nationalist groups’ peaceful intentions, many of the individuals exposed by Philly Antifa have criminal records for violent crimes, firearms offenses and some have been convicted of hate crimes.

But is it possible that by targeting these individuals and making their affiliations and activities known Antifa is almost giving these groups more credibility than they deserve and providing them with more attention and visibility than these groups would be able to achieve on their own?

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                          Keystone United members at their annual Yule Party (phillyantifa.org)

Is Doxxing a Viable Solution?

Philly Antifa claims that the main goal behind their doxxing campaign is to put pressure on the employers of these individuals so that they lose their jobs and livelihoods. The information published includes license plate numbers, addresses, and criminal histories. They also include information on how to contact the member’s employer or suggest non-violent confrontation practices like passing out flyers to inform others of the members’ affiliations.

However, when Philly Antifa is also selling a shirt that proclaims, “I punched Richard Spencer”, is violence against Keystone members solidly out of the playbook?

Do white nationalists, skinheads and fascists deserve to be doxxed? If their ideology is based on a program of hatred, and many members have served time for violent acts and hate crimes, is doxxing a solution? If these individuals lose their jobs or livelihoods or are shamed for their affliations, would that be for the greater good?

Or will doxxing simply increase the divide between the disenfranchised whites who fill their ranks and the portion of the population in favor of a diverse but equal racial and religious society?


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  1. Michael S Gregory Sr. October 2, 2018

    Trumps very fine people.

    Trump Supporters prove that they know what’s going on.

    As I have posted before if you are not American Indian and lived on the Reservation you are an Imagrent.

    I’m proud to say that I have Family Members that still and are living on the Reservation they are Americans as well that they have Served and a Few that have given Their Lives for this Country.

    So to the rest of you who say that you are American you are not at some time your family members came here on a ship, airplane or bus and train and you are an Imagrent.

    Whites have stole land from those that were here before they arrive.

    So shut the F¥€£ Up, Trump Supporters you are the reason that this Country is headed towards Civil Unrest.

    So when Americans start to die their Blood is on Your Hands, Trump Supporters Elected into Office a TRAITOR, RACIST, CONMAN, ASSHOLE, LIAR, CHEAT, THEFT, SEXEST PIG, FAILURE IN BUSINESS FILING BANKRUPTCY 5-6TIMES as well He Blames the Native American Indian People for the Failure of His Casino and has been Sued too many times to count for Cheating, Stealing, Swindling and not paying for Services Rendered and 5 TIME DRAFT DODGER (went before Draft Board claiming that he has flat feet and bone spurs but plays a whole lot of Golf and tries to play Tennis). Cheated and has had affairs with all three wife’s. Tried paying off Porn Star and Playboy Playmate for Sex. And could be a number 4 as rumors are popping up that there’s a possible new Mistress.

    Most Uneducated, Uninformed and Unqualified Person ever that has Lead the United States of America.

    Hope your Happy.

    1. Timothy Loutzenhiser October 2, 2018

      Michael S Gregory Sr. Your ancestors lost the battle and were not very good at negotiating terms of surrender. Us taxpaying Americans are tired of paying for your reservations and food stamps. It’s past time to tax the land you live on and cut off the welfare.
      Indians= the original Socialist. Welcome to capitalism pay your own way.

  2. Pat Ward October 2, 2018

    Deplorable white trash

  3. Carol Carpinteyro October 2, 2018

    Pat ward your talking about demcraps. Vote red save America from demcraps Communist

    1. Charles Freedom October 2, 2018

      Carol Remember that wall is for immigrants that look like you and your family. CHEERS! ????

    2. Carol Carpinteyro October 2, 2018

      Charles Freedom. Shut the f ck up. They can come the right way like before the fraud x president let lots of illegals in for his one world order. Better get with it before to late. Oh wait you want socialism do you care for your grandkids

  4. Fred Smith October 2, 2018

    This is a pitiful disgrace and damn shame for America

  5. Michael Simmons October 2, 2018

    Communist sympathizers and Domestic Terrorist! What’s more Americans than that?

  6. Robert Greer October 2, 2018

    Going to get ugly, make casters last stand seem like a play ground I hate you, sooooo sad

  7. James Dutoit October 2, 2018


  8. Vic Joe October 2, 2018

    Folks one fascist hate group, calling another a fascist hate group.Two fascist hate groups. Pot calling the kettle black. What a joke.

  9. Gloria Morales Mata October 2, 2018

    Trump’s base.

    1. Charles Freedom October 2, 2018

      Yes the uneducated. ?

  10. Tony Synarskl October 2, 2018

    Freedom of speech is fine.
    NAZI White Nationalism should be thefuckingdeath penalty anywhere in the world.

  11. Patty Williams October 2, 2018

    I have no problem with this I say good. There are people on this earth who deserve to be doxxed

  12. Charles Freedom October 2, 2018

    That’s trump’s cult….the weirdos who love welfare and who can’t think for themselves.

  13. Don Fisher October 2, 2018

    I support many of the actions of ANTIFA. Passivity in the face of fascism and bigotry, racism and hate, is support for it.

    History is very clear on this. If you do NOT confront you give license.

    If the information being shared is acquired legally then there is no beef.

    The violence of ANTIFA has killed exactly ZERO people in the U.S.

    You cannot claim the same for the Right Wing zealots.

  14. Fred Smith October 8, 2018

    Trump strong are they for Trump and his racist Republican hate

  15. Larry L. Cunningham October 8, 2018

    Trump cult!

  16. Jason Self October 8, 2018


    And so, hypocrisy has manifested itself in the most vulgar of ways. The retarded and misguided lumped in a sum to the extent afforded by the very architecture of that they revolt against.

  17. Joanne Olenhouse Racadio October 8, 2018

    Thanks ANTIFA

    1. Lobat Moez October 9, 2018

      You need peace ! And thank those people ?

  18. Spitballer October 26, 2018

    If every Human being eliminates one nazi, we can solve this problem in a single day.

  19. JohnSon September 29, 2019

    Antifa is the biggest group of terrorist in my Country right now. Running around with masks on, jumping anyone who has a difference of opinion.They are the ones that need doxxed!! What they are getting away with in Portland is a shame to U.S.A. and the system. It shows the truth how they are getting away woth Assault and Terrorism!!


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