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Republican Net Neutrality Sabotage-RESIST!

Republicans Sabotaged Net Neutrality! CATCH THIS RESISTANCE PODCAST

Republican Net Neutrality
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This is your Resistance podcast. On this episode we marvel at what strange times we are in, as a pro-choice, pro-gun control Democrat got elected to the Senate in deep burgundy Alabama. We have the Black vote to thank for kicking the shopping mall cowboy, Roy Moore, to the curb but it was not without its challenges. We go over the variety of “old Alabama” voter suppression tactics in play during Tuesday’s election. We discuss the outrageous wealth gap in the United States, its causes and how the GOP Tax Scam will only serve to exacerbate the already dramatic problem. We hate on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for stripping us of a free and open internet. We discuss who will be hit hardest by the end of Net Neutrality and lay out the worst case scenarios we all need to be prepared for. The fight is not over, however. We tell you what comes next. Finally, there is some very good news from the World Bank you are going to want to hear! All this and more on this episode of KVoice of Resistance. #resist
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