Trump destroyer of worlds

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On this episode of your Resistance podcast Twinkle Thumbs Trump is going to get us killed!

43 million Americans live in poverty.  So it is a good thing the revolving door between government and private defence contractors is swinging strong.  We tell you how they have rigged the system so that a majority of our taxes goes directly into their pockets.  

Do you like puppies?  Do you hate lobbyists?  There are two bills working their way through Congress that are actually good, and actually put up by Republicans.  

Scrappy, the racist elf, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, pushed his ill gotten DOJ to give the people what they have been clamoring for!  Guns in the hands of fugitives and fewer protections for the disabled, minorities and the poor.

Finally, Anand Giridharadas asks, “Is there room among the woke for the waking?”  We flesh this question out, and more on this shiny new episode of your Resistance podcast. #resist   

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