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US Lawmakers Introduce “Sanctions Bill From Hell” Against Putin, Russia

Sanctions bill introduced in attempts to “protect U.S. democracy” from the Kremlin. 

U.S. lawmakers have introduced a “sanctions bill from hell” to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin along with other Russia oligarchs in their place. The bill aims to bring up additional sanctions against Putin family members as well as to pave the way for the United States to exit the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The legislation was pushed by Representative Lindsey Graham of South Carolina along with Foreign Relations Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

Russian Intelligence

The Graham-Menendez bill was introduced last week after Facebook disclosed that it has deleted phony accounts which security experts believe could be connected with Russian intelligence. Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee met with external analysts to analyze how Russia has been using social media platforms to fuel crises within the American polity.

The Representatives Behind the Bill

Graham brought up the bill shortly before senators were to embark on a short August recess starting Wednesday. Armed Services Chairman John McCain of Arizona supported Graham on the bill, saying Putin was working to undermine the integrity of America in order to uphold Russian supremacy.

“We must confront this challenge — not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. Because ultimately, Putin’s true aim is to undermine all of us — our country, our freedom, and all that America stands for,” McCain said.

According to Menendez, President Trump has failed to properly apply appropriate measures to limit Russian interference in American politics. He said the Kremlin is out to attack American democracy, while backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in terrorizing Syria and violating the sovereignty of Ukraine. Menendez stated that by passing the bill, Congress will push Russia to understand that any “Kremlin aggression will be met with consequences that will shake Putin’s regime to its foundation.”

Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado appended his signature to the legislation. Gardner had previously campaigned for the State Department to decide if Russia should be designated a state sponsor of terror–this provision is now included in the Graham-Menendez bill. Gardner emphasized that the United States must never repeat the errors whereby past administrations endeavored to get into bed with a nation that has historically posed a threat to the U.S. and its allies.


Fact Checking Russian President Putin


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  1. Jamie Gulin August 9, 2018

    Is that what paul is personally delivering to putin?

  2. Johnny Thomas August 9, 2018

    But will his bff (#45) go for it?

  3. Alan Venturini August 9, 2018

    GREAT—— trumpshitsky will not do it !!!!!!!!!

  4. Robert Strauss August 9, 2018

    At least it’s from congress, the asshats who are supposed to handle this.

  5. Mike Carson August 9, 2018

    Trump will never sign it ?

  6. Jackie Zapp August 9, 2018

    FUCK TRUMP and Putin too!

  7. Bo Seib August 9, 2018

    Well the sanctions that congress enacted over a year ago against Russia for their invasion of Crimea were never implemented because trump would not sign it so I doubt he will do it

  8. Henry Peterson August 9, 2018

    Trump will never let that happen

  9. Von De Santo August 9, 2018

    Oh wait who’s that guy at the front of the picture did the Russians talk a lot of s*** about that next he will be sanctioning the Democrats

  10. Roy Barnes August 9, 2018

    So now republicans are blaming their own congress for not protecting Putin and Russia from sanctions for killing reporters in another country with Russian poison. They do not care about our country, only theirs, Russia!

  11. Mary Hope Mayorga August 9, 2018

    For how long ?

  12. Paula S Baker August 9, 2018


  13. Ruth Beshear August 9, 2018

    Too little to late yet one of their republican hand delivered a note or letter to Putin in person wake up America

  14. Deborah Anderson August 9, 2018

    About fucking time

  15. Steven Zapp August 9, 2018


  16. Bob Burge August 9, 2018

    Exit NATO? The very organization that helps to keep the Russians in check! No thank Sissy Graham and Corey Gardner can’t wait to vote against you!

  17. Donna Rae Mathre August 9, 2018

    they won’t do a damn thing they all know that putin has trump bu the nuts and no one will cross him .because they have all been involvded from day one

  18. Jose R. Rivera August 9, 2018

    Wow! TRAITOR Trump forced by his own Congress to put sanctions on his mentor Putin.

  19. Ernest Bratley August 9, 2018

    The president has too sign it before it can take effect as any bill passed .

  20. Susan Dow August 9, 2018

    And Trump will not implant them…again!

  21. Shirley Andrews August 9, 2018

    Sure but is the big orange cheese going to actually going to enforce it on them ! I doubt it he’s afraid of putin !

  22. Angie S. Makinen August 9, 2018

    Yes and I bet Trump does not do shit with it..

  23. Marie Martin August 14, 2018

    They not happy if can’t get carp going we not and Putin is smarter than that

  24. Shayna Alterman August 14, 2018

    Just get rid of trump.

  25. Susan Dow August 14, 2018

    By who’s standards?

  26. Judy Metcalf August 14, 2018

    Yet Paul Rand personally delivered mail from trnp? Whats that about?

  27. Anne Nelson August 14, 2018

    too little too late and the Russian spy is still president

  28. Wayne Moon August 15, 2018

    That trump won’t enforce !!!!


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