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Stunning Live Video Of Jacksonville Madden Tournament Shooting, Witnesses Claim 2 Shooters

A mass shooting has been reported at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida and several have been reported dead in the preliminary investigation.

The attack, which was live streamed inadvertently by players in the Madden tournament has, thus far, left four dead, including at least one shooter, and 11 injured, News4Jax reported.


A witness told CNN that another player told her that one of the shooters was angry that he was defeated in the tournament and momentarily left the scene and went back with a gun and began shooting.

The woman told CNN that the player said there were two shooters and that they had committed suicide at the scene, but those reports are unconfirmed.

The Jacksonville Police Department tweeted a warning to citizens to avoid the area of the shooting.

“Mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing. Stay far away from the area. The area is not safe at this time. STAY AWAY #TheLandingMassShooting,” it said. “We can’t stress enough to stay away. Many blocks away.”

“Multiple fatalities at the scene, many transported,” it said.

Drini Gjoka, a player in the tournament, tweeted after he was shot in the hand and ran to save his life.

“The tourney just got shot up. I’m leaving and never coming back. I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb. Worst day of my life,” he said on Twitter. “I will never take anything for granted ever again. Life can be cut short in a second.”

Another witness, Ryan Alemon, also told CNN that there were two gunmen.

“I just heard yelling, I heard like ‘help me,’ like ‘I’m shot,’” he said. “I was scared for my life. I did not want to be there.”

He told CNN that he ran from the scene but “I seen like at least six bodies on the floor that were shot,” he said.

Carmine Sabia

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  1. Brian Hochmuth August 26, 2018

    Another gun free zone

  2. Larry L. Cunningham August 26, 2018

    Deplorable! Becoming much to common!

  3. Shirley Hawkins September 1, 2018

    More then one shooting in Florida state, one killed him self.


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