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An FDA scientist screens pet foods
Proponents of marijuana legalization in Washington, D.C., organized by a group called DCMJ, carry a 51-foot inflatable joint near the White House. Lafayette Sq. - Washington, DC. Date: April 2, 2016.
The U.S.-Mexico border wall extends into the Pacific Ocean with Playa Tijuana, Mexico to the south and San Ysidro, California to the north. The existing wall was built during the Clinton Administration. (Photo: Lauren von Bernuth)
person driving a car (Photo: Pixabay)
Cannabis sativa plant
With CBD isolates you receive the sole benefits of CBD. In comparison, whole plant hemp extract provides the synergistic benefits of the whole hemp plant.
photo of a man vaping
AFGE leaders and activists, other union members and environmental activists hold a rally in Washington, D.C. in support of EPA employees and the good work they do to protect our environment. ( March 2017, Stand Up For the EPA Rally - Washington, D.C.; photo by AFGE)
photo of a morning sun rising over a farm. The 2018 Farm Bill decriminalized hemp and CBD
cannabis bud surrounded by cbd oil in a heart shape
photo of a cat and dog cuddling
marijuana buds placed on the Canadian Flag
Opioids 2
Cultivation of industrial hemp for fiber and for grain in France.
photo of a marijuana plant. A new study is being conducted to study the effects of a marijuana suppository on menstrual cramps.
close up photo of green marijuana plant