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The Albanian State and Justice in Collapse: Country Headed Toward Dictatorship

Albanian Prime Minsiter Edi Rama at a NATO meeting in Brussels. Date: May 25, 2017.
Albanian Prime Minsiter Edi Rama at a NATO meeting in Brussels. Date: May 25, 2017. (Photo: NATO)

A little will by PM Rama to love and care for his people, his country and the Albanian Republic could put the country on the right path.

Throughout 2019, Albania has been a center of attention for all the media in the world. Violent protests held last spring, the danger of a civil conflict, the holding of Communist-style local elections on June 30, the critical international reports on the economy and business, high levels of corruption, large numbers of people leaving the country on daily basis, drugs trafficking and organized crime, have drawn the attention of the international opinion.

But if these weren’t enough the Albanian state today is near total collapse.

The parliament has only 122 members out of 140 as provided by the Constitution, which makes it illegitimate and controlled totally by the majority. The central and local governments, as well as all law enforcement agencies, national corporates, and other institutions, are controlled by the government. The entire judicial system is not functioning. The first instance courts and courts of appeal are under the intimidation of the government and Albania has no High Court and no Constitutional Court. And this has been for the last two years. There is hardly any country on earth in such a chaotic situation.

All the power is in the hands of one man: The Albanian PM, Edi Rama. This is pure Communism at the heart of Europe.

Edi Rama is controlling every instrument of power but his mission is not yet fully accomplished. Due to many harsh conditions set by the EU, especially the German Bundestag, in order to achieve the accession of negotiations toward entry into the E.U., Albania needs to create within this year a Constitutional Court – the last goal for PM Rama to control, and the trophy that will allow him to impeach the President who appears to be the only institution defending the Republic and the Constitution.

But Rama needs to capture the Court to approve all his corrupt public-private partnership projects which are worth hundreds of millions of euros and to legitimize the elections of June 30 that were reported by OSCE as not representing the will of the people. Additionally, he needs the court to solve in his favor dozens of cases against his government that are pending in the Constitutional Court, and establish a long monarchy-like rule over the country.

The Albanian premier is using all his powers to appoint his trustees as members of the Constitutional Court and violating the Constitution while stealing competencies from the President. Rama is forcing his puppets in the Parliament to draft unconstitutional laws and forcing judicial councils to take illegal action in order to achieve his goal of controlling the entire justice system.

With total control of the Constitutional Court, Edi Rama may very easily dictate the parliament, change the Constitution in a single day, and declare himself a king. No balance of powers, just power in the hands of one man.

Thirty years ago Albania got out of a dictatorship Communist regime, it seems today is on the brink of a new one.

Albanians are praying for this nightmare to come to an end. Many polls indicate that they are in favor of the President to dissolve the Parliament and to hold early elections. Even Edi Rama himself has become aware of his lack of popularity and that people want him gone. A few days ago, while inaugurating the new football stadium, the crowd cheered repeatedly “Rama go.” It is obvious that Albanians have had enough.   

The opposition parties, which left their seats in Parliament early this year, are asking for early elections, but this does not seem to be stopping the PM from achieving his mission of the total capture of state and justice.

International diplomatic representatives are considered of great importance to Albanian politics and society in general but recently their credibility seems very much disputed due to the lack of denouncing on their behalf of the dire situation Albania is enduring. They are turning a blind eye to the total capture of the state and the usurpation of all the powers by the government.

Knowing that Rama’s governance during the last six years was based on international lobbying, some political factors are even alleging that some of the internationals and diplomats are under the payroll of the government in order for them to take Rama’s side and support the PM’s initiatives, no matter how anti-democratic these actions might be. Rama hides under the name of the international factor and acts as if he has international support, but no western country would honestly agree with his authoritative intentions. Rama’s mindset seems to be more of a third world country rather than that of a country that aspires for EU integration.

Albania is perhaps in the most dire crisis in the history of the country – in a total state of chaos caused by one man, who also holds the key to solving this crisis.

A little will by PM Rama to love and care for his people, his country and the Albanian Republic could put the country on the right path. But his stubbornness and ambition for absolute power seems limitless and thus jeopardizes the European future of the country and all Albanians.

Dr. Francesca Norton

Dr. Francesca Norton is a peer news writer for Citizen Truth. She is a political analyst, human rights activist and author of many articles and analyses in the international media.

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  1. Larry N Stout November 29, 2019

    And the USA has pure plutocracy at the heart of the government.


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