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The Mainstream Media’s Horseshit Reporting

This CBS reporter says that the mainstream media’s left-wing bias has lowered journalistic standards to the level of horseshit reporting.

Those words came from none other than former CBS war correspondent Lara Logan, speaking to Navy SEAL Mike Ritland in is “Mike Drop” podcast last Friday. Logan explained that reporters have transformed into political activists and even propagandists.

Logan is far from a fringe reporter. Instead, the South African television and radio journalist is an Emmy-winning former chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, well-known for covering the war-torn Middle East. She has even been a correspondent for the long-running CBD program “60 Minutes.”

In 2011, while covering news in Egypt, Logan was sexually assaulted by a group of men and hospitalized for four days because of the serious nature of her injuries. She later discussed the incident on air at CBS News. In 2013, Logan came under fire for inaccuracies in her Benghazi reporting and even issued an on-air apology during “60 Minutes.”

The Media Is Overwhelmingly Liberal

During the podcast, Logan explained to Ritland that while the media around the globe is mostly liberal, it is particularly so in the United States, where a whopping 85 percent of journalists are indeed Democrats. “Most journalists are left or liberal or Democrat or whatever word you want to give it,” Logan explained.

In particular, Logan criticized the fact that so many stories now have origins from an “anonymous administration official”. Most of all, Logan blasted the media upholding the pretense that they are objective. As Logan succinctly put it, “That’s not journalism. That’s horses–t. Sorry. That is absolute horses–t.”

Logan explained that there is a journalistic litmus test Americans can do to tell whether the media is lying to them and manipulating them. “When there is no gray area and it’s all one way”, Logan said the public is being duped. When the media simplifies it down to be one-sided, that simply doesn’t pass the test, because real life is not like that. If that happens, Logan said there is something wrong.

Doing dozens of Trump stories with every single one of them being negative is not reality, and not the job of journalists to be the anti-Trump outlet of record.

Professional Suicide?

At the end of the interview, she told Ritland that speaking out would likely be “professional suicide”, but that she felt the need to expose the “absurdly left-leaning” news. Logan left the CBS network several months ago; the split was rumored to have happened after Logan appeared on a similar podcast suggesting that news consumers obtain their information from a variety of outlets – both conservative and liberal. She joined CBS in 2002 and left some time in 2018. Her last news segment for “60 Minutes” was in May 2018.

Logan has a reputation for being very outspoken, and also came under fire in 2012 for a speech she gave suggesting what the U.S. response should be to the Benghazi attack. In a stunning ironic twist, CBS News took issue with that, stating that there was a conflict of interest in Logan taking a public position on the government’s handling of the issue while continuing to report on the story.

Jacqueline Havelka

Jacqueline is a rocket scientist turned writer. She covers health, science and tech news for Citizen Truth. In her first career, she managed experiments & data on the Space Station & Shuttle.

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  1. Kurt February 20, 2019

    Horseshit in the News is nothing new.
    For example when President Kennedy was shot I was home from school with a sore tbroat. Walter Cronkite’s voice I belive it was.
    You can dig up the real and check it. Thats what was said. Next we were told it was a lone gun man with a junk bolt action rifle.
    He only had a 5 shot magizne. “How did he do that.
    Then the State if Louisiana did a independent investigation, and determined that the CIA was behind it. That should have made head lines, and reverberated across the land. Instead it terminated on the Jonny Carson show with Mr. Carson doing his best to make Jim Garrison look like a fool. I don’t think he did a very good job, but it got him that spot in TV for as long as he wanted.
    How about Saddam Hussein and all those weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there. The media is just one more way to heard the livestock. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t paying attention.


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