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In the era of President Donald Trump tribalism has become more prevalent than it has been in modern history. We could get into the reasons for this, which I believe includes decades of the Democrat Party separating people into groups and then telling each group that another group is their oppressor. But for the purpose of this piece it does not matter.

There seems to be a media-driven idea of what a President Trump supporting conservative is. As in the tales of old, much of it is based on fears and myths. I cannot speak for every supporter of the president. No one can. Not even the media.

What I want to do is tell you the tale of one President Trump supporting conservative. Me.

The media would have you believe that I stand against illegal immigration because I despise Hispanics and want to keep them out of the United States. The friends I have had since childhood would laugh in your face at that accusation. The reason is much simpler, and makes more sense, if anyone would bother to explain it to you.

My ancestors were at the right place and the right time for immigration to America. When my grandfather came to America there were around 76,000,000 people in the new nation and it needed low skilled workers to build the infrastructure. People were needed, and jobs were not tough to come by if you wanted to work hard.

In 2018 the days of low skilled jobs is in the past and the new century calls for jobs in medicine, science and technology. The United States also has a population of around 325.7 million people. No new land has been created since 1900, but the population has quadrupled. Bringing more low skilled workers into a crowded nation that does not have jobs for them is asking to increase the homeless population.

The fact is that the opportunities promised in the land of opportunity do not exist anymore if one does not have certain skills. That is not racist, it is a fact. And bringing people in who have the deck stacked against them is cruel, not humane.

That is but one issue. You likely also believe that I stand against gay rights and gay marriage and you would be incorrect. I support both, provided the government does not use its iron hand to force churches, synagogues and mosques to perform these ceremonies and does not force private businesses, where the owners are against these practices, to participate in them.

I’m for transgender rights and have transgender friends that are close to me. I do think it is a mental disorder, and my friends are aware of that. I could also be incorrect. I’m not a scientist. What I know is that they are people who deserve the love and respect that everyone deserves.

I do not smoke marijuana, but I do believe that it should be legal. An adult should be able to partake in what they want to, provided that it does not injure someone else.

And yes, I stand against abortion as a Christian, but you will find other supporters of the president who believe in a woman’s right to choose. The often vilified Tomi Lahren, who I count as a friend, is one of them.

Supporters of the president are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, straight, gay, transgender, Christian, Jewish, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, pagan and atheist. We are male and female. We are not what you are told we are. We are not Nazis and we do not believe in white supremacy. We believe that we have a president that wants to bring everyone together, as Americans, if the media would stop its relentless assault on him. An assault no other president has faced.

No, I do not think the media are the enemy of the people. I think if you talked to President Trump you would find that he does not believe that either. What I believe, and what I think he believes, is that there are powerful people in the media that make careers out of dividing Americans and using those divisions as rating draws to get people to tune into their programs to tell you what the others want to do to you. Those are the people who are the enemy.

The fact is that we conservatives are guilty of this too. We label people and decide what we think they believe based on the perceptions we have gathered from the media. But I have come to find that there are many people who consider themselves liberal who do not think what I assume they do.

What is important, if America is to succeed, is that we comprehend that we are not each other’s enemies, but participants on the same team with the same goals. We have many enemies in the world. We should not be the enemies of each other.


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