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Who’s Career is Booming? Peter Strozk, Robert Mueller, or Twelve Russian GRU Officers?

I spent the better part of Saturday morning watching Peter Strozk arrogantly answer, dodge, and feign sincerity towards questions launched to him by members of Congress. Thank you, YouTube, for providing the world with this glimpse into the D.C. power machine as it looks for someone, anyone, to blame for ….Trump, Hilary’s loss? It suddenly dawned on me that what the world won’t see, and will probably never see, were the medals that the twelve GRU officers, mentioned in the Mueller Probe indictments, had probably received somewhere deep inside a Russian government building. See, while Trey Gowdy went on his “Benghazi 2.0” tirade during the Strozk hearing, and random Democratic Congressional members used the probe to attack the FBI, the government of Russia was silently toasting members of their security services on a job well done.

It is abundantly clear that Peter Strozk will be placed in the administrative wing of the FBI for perpetuity. His affair is more public than Brad Pitt’s renewed love for Jennifer Aniston. In simple terms, he’s not doing his Canadian parents proud.
Robert Mueller is facing and grinding through a yeoman’s task. He’s doing his best to uncover what could be the biggest scandal since Watergate. All the while, he has to do so while navigating a political minefield that could blow up on him any day. To some, he’s a hero, to more, it sometimes seems, he’s a partisan hack that represents a runaway, extremely powerful federal agency.
Meanwhile, the Russian government seems to be able to breathe a sigh of diplomatic relief, and pat their intelligence officers on the back. After all, President Trump is as giddy as a virgin teenage boy on prom night about meeting Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Helsinki. “I wonder if he’ll be my new best friend?”
Back to the twelve GRU officers. Nothing says effective like an unenforceable indictment issued by the “Main Enemy.” That’s going to be major points when these officers go up for promotion. Not to mention the medals…..Somewhere, probably inside the Lubyanka, these officers received high-level awards during a quiet, non-official ceremony. The only outsider in attendance was the ghost of Kim Philby.
……and that is what surely scare Americans and all nations in the West. While American politicians look to use partisanship to blame Peter Strozk, Robert Mueller, and almost anyone, they won’t even utter the names of the twelve GRU officers. The twelve GRU officers that are looking forward to their promotions, and are silently, yet happily, sipping champagne, eating latkes, and enjoying Black Sea caviar. While chaos reigns in DC and politicians act like…politicians, the GRU-Russia celebrate their heroes.
This should be a startling revelation for all of us in the West, especially Americans.


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