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World’s First All Organic State Wins UN Award as 66,000 Farmers in India Go Organic

And the Oscar of best policy goes to… Sikkim, India for going all organic.

The Sikkim region of India has won a coveted UN award for achieving the world’s first 100 percent organic agricultural state. According to the Good News Network, the region convinced all of its farmers, numbering 66,000, to abandon chemical fertilizers and pesticides and go fully organic. The region also banned the sale of chemical pesticides and other unnatural practices that could harm the environment.

Sikkim is a state in northeastern India. The region first started on its drive to obtain organic certification in 2003 and achieved its goal in 2015. It was, however, awarded the Future Policy Award this year which is known as the “Oscar for best policy.”

The gold prize is awarded for innovative national projects that show the most promise for improving global industries. Over the years, the award has been given for national schemes that centered on domestic violence, environmental pollution and nuclear energy. But this year, it was given for the most innovative policies advancing agroecology – the advancement of sustainable and ecological farming.

This year’s award was organized by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization as well as the World Future Council. Sikkim was not the only contender for this year’s green policy award. There were 51 nominations from 21 countries, but Sikkim emerged the overall winner.

100% Organic is Possible

Sikkim demonstrated that 100 percent organic agriculture is possible when a community dedicates itself to the goal. The northeastern region also showed how sustainable agriculture can help improve rural growth, local education, community health and regional tourism. Sikkim witnessed a 50 percent growth in tourism between 2014 and 2017.

“By scaling up agroecology, it is possible to tackle malnutrition, social injustice, climate change, and loss of biodiversity,” said Alexandra Wandel, director of the WFC. “Through effective, holistic policymaking, we can transform our food systems so that they respect people and planet.”

Wandel further urged other countries and regions across the world to borrow a leaf from Sikkim and switch to organic farming devoid of chemical agents.


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