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Well, as you probably know already, Alex Jones has been banned from everywhere – at least everywhere that Palo Alto can control.

Outraged YouTube-izens are screaming about censorship. They point to Nazi Germany as an example of what is to come.

I’ve never heard that claim before; at any rate, let it come. Humanity survived and evolved before the internet, and it will be fine without it.

In German-occupied territories in the 1930s and 40s, the crackdown on traditional newspapers and media by the Nazis engendered thousands upon thousands of underground newspapers.

The internet is not essential to survival, nor is free speech on the internet essential to our well being.

If we can’t talk on the internet, we will invent something else. Necessity is the mother of invention.

So do not fret, my friend, for while we do not need free speech on the internet, in all its craziness, most assuredly Palo Alto and its government puppet-masters do need to know what you are thinking.

The government, you see is a paranoid wreck, an impotent elf cowering in fear of its own shadow and more importantly you.

The government always has been and always will be afraid of you.

You represent the unknown.

To see what you’re thinking, they need you to respond. They need you to contribute to Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter.

They log, and they analyze your thoughts.

Good; you go girl.

The banning of Alex Jones does not reveal the strength of the people in Palo Alto but their weakness.

That they banned him because he dared to question the government’s version of Sandy Hook demonstrates how truly weak they are.

Strong people aren’t afraid of contrary opinions.

Only the weak, insecure person needs to lash out.


Hate Speech or Censorship? Alex Jones Booted by Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and iTunes

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