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Arrival of Scott Morrison (right), Prime Minister of Australia at G20, November 2018. (Photo: G20 Argentina)
Rally to Free Julian Assange and support the WikiLeaks
Pai and his family outside Khon Kaen jail. (Photo: Thai Lawyers for Human Rights)
Julian Assange, anti-capitalist demonstration London, UK. (Photo: The Naked Ape)
Protest against Israel's Gaza Blockade and attack on humanitarian flotilla - Melbourne 5 June 2010.
Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump on SNL. (Screenshot via YouTube)
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Internet Companies
Photo of a plaque in a Philadelphia park reciting the First Amendment rights to a free press, freedom of religion and free speech.
photo of television screens spying on people
Free Speech graffiti written across a brick wall. A school video set off a First Amendment Freedom of Speech debate in the courts.
Photo of Alex Jones waving
Graphic of words jumbled together saying data, radio, internet, like, web and so on
picture of cell phones with Facebook on them
Alex Jones speaking about Infowars.
picture of Alex Jones
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senate net neutrality
internet neutrality
net neutrality debate