News has surfaced that Saudi Arabia is now ready to admit to the brutal murder of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi after Turkey confirmed it had both footage and recordings of his death.

Sources close to the matter in Riyadh confirmed under cover of anonymity that the said-footage had been streamed to both officials in London and Paris, prompting immediate calls for accountability.

Up until today Riyadh has categorically refused to admit any knowledge of Khashoggi’s disappearance. Under much pressure from Turkey however the Kingdom had to yield.

Sources within Riyadh have too revealed that various solutions to the ongoing crisis are being looked at as to minimise any and all political and media fallouts. The possibility of imposed exile was floated in the last few hours, with an option for MBS to permanently relocate to Morocco where he would be granted full immunity.

If Saudi Arabia only weeks ago was presented as an oasis of stability amid a region fraught with conflicts, recent events have reaffirmed just how quickly regimes can falter when power is so fiercely concentrated within the hands of an elite few.

In between calls from the U.S. Congress to halt all weapons deals to Saudi Arabia to demands from the public that Al Saud’s theocracy be overthrown, Al Saud Royals are sitting on quicksand.

An article in the Huffington very much betrays today’s mood vis a vis Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy.

It reads: “Fresh from his stint playing President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” actor Alec Baldwin called for the “overthrow” of the government — by voting.”

However one wishes to look at such development it is clear that Saudi Arabia’s political landscape has changed forever. What it will mean for the United States and the Middle Eastern region remains of course to be seen.

If many will rejoice at the idea of a regime change or, at the very least a change of the guard, it would be prudent to remember that dangers lie in political vacuum.

Libya serves here as a cautionary tale; especially when we consider that Saudi Arabia has so far survived on the support of its clergymen, who themselves abide by a violent, reactionary and ascetic interpretation of Islam: Wahhabism.

Any false move now would mean the potential rise in power of forces aligned with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

In that the U.S. government shoulders much of the blame as for decades Washington has played arm dealer to a fundamentalist theocracy which ideology revolves around the concept of Jihadism.


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