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Fight Breaks Out As CNN Panel Discusses President Trump’s Immigration Policy

A CNN Panel discussing immigration reform erupted in a pier six brawl after a conservative commentator suggested that those who want illegal immigrants to have unfettered access to the United States start to house the immigrants and pay for their care.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum went after those who are complaining that children are being separated from their parents at the border when he appeared with others on CNN’s “State of the Union” hosted by Jake Tapper on Sunday.

“It is gut-wrenching to see the images and understand what is going on,” Santorum said. “At the same time, governmental officials have to look back and look at the consequences of what the law is. And the reality is, as [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions said repeatedly, the law is in place to make sure that we treat people fairly under the law and we have a deterrent effect.”

As the rest of the panel came after him, as he was outnumbered, Santorum continued his argument.

“The reality is that everybody who will be disagreeing with me on the panel is sounding very compassionate. I just say that there is a consequence to that. If you say we will take these people in, more people will come and more people will come and we will have a bigger and bigger problem at the border. You will be putting more children at risk. there are real consequences of this,” he said.

And then he gave them a challenge. “This is what I would say to all of you,” he said. “You want America to be open, fine. Give your addresses out and tell the people who come to this country you can come to my house. You can come to my house and you can stay here as long as you want. I will pay for your education.”

Ana Navarro jumped in to argue that he was mischaracterizing what their position is. “Nobody is saying we want an open country,” Navarro said. “What we are simply saying is we don’t want 2-year-olds torn from the arms of their mothers and crying.”

She argued that the kids would be irreparably damaged by the separation from their parents. “The consequence of that is we’re going to have 2,000 children who will have incredible damage, emotional damage,” Navarro said. “The consequence of that is human suffering.”

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm also took issue with Santorum’s arguments.

“What we do want is to be a nation who has compassion,” she said. “Rick, you have seven children. If you were living in Honduras which is the country with the highest child homicide rate, the country with the highest female homicide rate, gangs, you would not leave all seven of your children there. You would want to save them. You could drive nails through my hands, you could whip me on my back but do not take my children away. That to me is totally not who we are as a country.”

Carmine Sabia

Carmine began writing for BizPacReview in 2014 where he found success as a conservative writer. His popularity continued to soar as he gained tens of thousands of followers. ​Carmine has been quoted by Fox News, has been interviewed on television by Tomi Lahren, appeared on BBC Radio, "The Critical Hour" with Dr. Wilmer Leon, Sky News in the UK, NHK in Japan, Power 98.7 South Africa and various other media outlets.

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  1. Bear Walks with Teri June 17, 2018

    Rick Santorum. When is CNN going to fire him? I refuse to watch him.

  2. AdeloVant June 20, 2018

    U$A misanthropic amoral dogma & nihilist culture affected persons never reason effective.

    Ask All… https://t.co/whJ6Z6wF0a

  3. Robert Strauss August 16, 2018

    There are three countries between Honduras and here. It’s not about safety.

  4. Martha Smith August 16, 2018

    Who!!!! would lay down and have seven children by this idiot.He don’t have a real job.??????

  5. Debra Lisby Phillips August 16, 2018

    Good for Santorum!

  6. Lola Johnson August 16, 2018

    CNN please replace Rick, what were you thinking?

  7. Linda Myrick August 16, 2018

    What immigration policy……
    What’s wrong with you republicans…

  8. Von De Santo August 16, 2018

    Navarra is dumb as a box of rocks she might as well be a jerry Springer contributor cus she is retarded.,..

    1. Kalitos August 16, 2018

      Learn to spell her name correctly you mutt

  9. Linda Guzzardo August 16, 2018

    Old news

  10. Charles Freedom August 16, 2018

    Rick is just another one of trump’s old jockstraps.

  11. Patricia Walton August 16, 2018

    He’s a has been!!! Get rid of him ???

  12. James Newton August 17, 2018

    Santorum Paris Dennard
    And a few other asshole
    Republicans show just
    How ignorant they really


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